first Officail sponsor of MatrixFc

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first Officail sponsor of MatrixFc

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赞助人是Charlie Markillie.

Today is a specail day, MatrixFc will accept first officail sponsor and his donor shirts.
The sponsor's name is Charlie Markilie.
Charlie join MatrixFc in the year beginning, today is the last game for him in MatrixFc, and then he will be back to his contry, England.

In MatrixFc, his knee is the worst one(though everyone hope he will recover totally soon), and most of saturday he sleep less compare all of us, but it seems nothing will stop him to the football game.

He is a creasy football fan. Besides, he is a warm heart person. One monthes ago he told me he will buy some shirts for MatrixFc so we dont need to wear the bibs. I agreed with his opinion and i think the bibs is not good at all.

But we often chang sub-team players, so we decided to accept Charlie's donor all as Liverpool's shirts and then we will gather all the donor shirts from all the Matrix players.
We will try to use them instead of bibs.

We appricate for Charlie's coming, his honer and contribution, everyone will remember today.
Augest thirty year two thousand 9.

1. 接下来请________,________记录捐献球衣发放。
_________and__________will be invited to send shirts to everyone
2. 请____________记录接受捐献球衣登记,并接受各个队员今日捐赠的球衣和将要带来捐赠的球衣。
___________will in charge of recording the donor shirts, and for the future donor.
3. 请各位为查理签名。
Sign you name on Charlie’s Shirts
4. 查理为大家签名
Charlie sign everyone.
Football is my life
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