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Jelle's English message

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I am Jelle from Belgium. I was in Shanghai for a part of my architectural practise from November 2008 till May 2009. China was a great experience for me; I visited some places in the East such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Zouzhuang and got familiar with the local culture. Besides working and traveling I wanted to join a (local) football team. Via a expat forum I got in contact with Matrix FC. The teamspirit is very nice: almost every Sunday players from every part of the city, most of them Chinese mixed with some foreigners, gather to play an exhausting 2-3-4 hours (depends on the weather) endurance game. To me the essence of their game is not to win, but to hook up with friends or meet new people. After the match we usually got to a local restaurant and talked about daily life in Shanghai, with a cold TsingTao.I like it a lot.

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